First PhD project at TU Wien

PhD Project Title: Development of directing group selective functionalization of advanced intermediates or active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Principal Investigator: Prof. Michael Schnürch

PhD Project description: The PhD student (ESR) will focus on C-H functionalization of compounds containing several potential DGs for C-H functionalization reactions. Reaction conditions will be developed to guarantee that the directing effects of each directing group present can be exploited selectively, giving a defined product. An orthogonal set of reaction conditions for direct C-H functionalization in presence of multiple functional groups will be developed and exploited in complex and biologically relevant molecules.

Description of the work: ESR5 will initially focus on a set of frequently applied DGs and develop selective reaction conditions, focusing on using abundant 3d-metals, first in intermolecular and then in intramolecular competition experiments of model substrates. To illustrate the industrial perspectives, ESR5 will move to Boehringer (M30-M35) to perform orthogonal functionalization on pharmaceutically relevant molecules.

Relevant skills that will be considered are:

  • Strong theoretical background and practical skills in organic synthesis and catalysis
  • Practical experience in analytical methods (NMR, MS, HPLC
  • Good level of English proficiency (understood, spoken and written)
  • Skills in scientific writing (reports, papers, etc.)
  • Team spirit and collaborative predisposition

Planned secondments: “1 secondment (6 months) at Boehringer Ingelheim

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