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Federico Belnome

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🎓 Resume
Federico Belnome was born in 1995 in Canzo. He received his BSc in Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry in 2018 at the University of Insubria-Como and carried out his thesis under the supervision of Stefano Tollari working on the synthesis of new pyrazol skeletal-ligand. During his BSc program, he worked as assistant lab technician in the university labs. Federico completed his Master in Chemistry (full marks) in 2020 at the University of Milan working in the group of Emma Gallo. His MSc project was focused  on the use of CO2 as a source of C1 units for the synthesis of fine chemical compounds using porphyrins as a catalyst. Before taking part in this project at ThalesNano, Federico worked for 6 months at Eurofins Biolab as a quality control chemist on pharmaceutical products.
During his free time, Federico plays sports, cooks and spends time outdoors.

⚙️ Project in CHAIR
#15 Efficient and sustainable synthesis of new chiral ligands for homogeneous catalysis