The Project


Pan-European, interdisciplinary and collaborative
15 PhD studentships are taking place as part of the CHAIR programme, organised around 4 Axes:

Molecular Diversity via Direct Functionalization

Speed up the synthesis of drug candidates for structure-activity studies and devise new synthetic protocoles to synthesize (chiral) biologically relevant molecules.

Design of New Materials

Develop C-H activation methods for the synthesis of advanced material scaffolds, such as OLEDs, biopolymers, and novel chiral homo- and heterogeneous catalysts.

Feedstock Valorisation

Valorise natural feedstock as a source of abundant raw materials to generate new building blocks for pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries, through C-H functionalization.

Sustainable and Safe C-H Activation

Target safe, efficient and environmentally benign C-H activation reactions applicable for a large-scale production to bridge the gap between academic R&D and industrial use of C-H activation.