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Gilvan Correia

🇵🇹 Instituto Superior Técnico

🎓 Resume

Gilvan obtained a BSc in Chemistry from the Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil (2015). He later completed his MSc at the Federal University of ABC (2018) under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Dalmo Mandelli, working on the selective oxidation of terpenic olefin substrates using homogeneous catalytic systems. After spending two years as a research assistant in a Biomaterials Laboratory at the University of São Paulo, he has started a PhD program at the IST-University of Lisbon under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Alexander Kirillov. His research within the CHAIR project is devoted to the design of metal-organic frameworks and related materials for catalytic C-H valorization of terpenes.
Gilvan also has an experience in educational (Science/Chemistry Teacher) and industrial sectors (R&D Chemical Technician in companies). In his spare time, he enjoys reading, jogging outdoors and exploring new places.

⚙️ Project in CHAIR
#8 Design of heterogeneous bioMOF catalysts for C-H valorization of terpenes