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Takuya Michiyuki

🇩🇪 University of Göttingen

🎓 Resume

Takuya Michiyuki was born in 1995 in Hyogo, Japan. He then moved to Hiroshima in 2014 and obtained his bachelor’s degree in Engineering in 2018 at Hiroshima University, Japan, under the supervision of Dr. Kimihiro Komeyama. He also completed his master’s degree in Engineering in 2020 at the same university. His studies mainly focused on the transformation of alkyl tosylates using nucleophilic cobalt catalysts such as vitamin B12. With the combination of nickel catalysis, Takuya discovered that such cobalt catalysts enabled the alkyl–alkyl cross-coupling and amidation of alkyl tosylates, which had never been employed in nickel-catalysed radical-involving transformations. Currently, he is a member of the Ackermann group at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany, working on C–H functionalisation.

During his free time, he enjoys reading, exercise, and watching K-POP music videos.

⚙️ Project in CHAIR
#9 Synthesis and valorisation of (bio)polymers through C-H activation

📄 Publications
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