Outreach activities at the University of Göttingen

Prof. Lutz Ackermann from the University of Göttingen recently presented two outreach talks on green chemistry:

  • on the 21st of May 2022, he was invited to the Saturday Morning Sciencean outreach event organised by students for pupils to bring current research closer to the public. His lecture was called “Elektrokatalysierte C-H und C-C Aktivierung” (Electrocatalysed C–H and C–C activation).
  • on the 7th June 2022, the presentation dedicated to children, entitled “Nichts verschwenden, wieder verwenden” (Do not waste, Reuse) was held within the framework of a series of lecture on sustainability called “Chemistry – Motor for Sustainable Innovations“, organised by Prof. Ackermann and Dr Svenja Warratz.

As part of these outreach activities, Prof Ackermann introduced our ITN and the research conducted by our consortium.