[Outreach] Fête de la Science 2022 at Sorbonne Université in Paris

Written by Alexandre Pradal, researcher at IPCM Sorbonne and ERS7 co-supervisor

From 14th to 16th october 2022 was organised the “Fête de la Science” at Sorbonne Université in Paris. This nationwide event is dedicated to the celebration of Science and scientists and to the outreach of our work in the lab towards the general public.

This year, activities from Prof. Giovanni Poli’s team were proposed to highlight the work done by ESR7 Marco Di Matteo within the CHAIR consortium. Several experiments of the chemistry that can be done with oranges (in cosmetics, pharmacy, biocatalysis and energy) were shown to elementary to high school pupils on Friday. The same activities were proposed for the general public during the week-end in addition to the possibility of making their own shampoo (with orange fragrance of course ;-)). The visit of our stand “De la Nature à la Chimie” can be prolonged online on our website (in French).