[Outreach] Pint of Science 2023

On the 22nd May 2023, Prof. Giovanni Poli from Sorbonne Université presented his research in the context of the Pint of Science Festival in Strasbourg.

Pint of Science is a global science festival that aims to take researchers out of the laboratory and into the bar, to talk about their research to the public in a casual environment. Born in the UK in 2012, then exported to France in 2013, the festival now occurs in parallel in 26 countries worldwide, in over 400 cities.

Prof. Poli gave a fantastic talk in the context of a conference entitled “Biomass, the green gold rush?”, exposing a complete introduction of the possible use of biomass in our current climate emergency context, in front of over 50 people. This presentation led to passionate exchanges and discussions with the audience.